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Thursday, July 15, 2010

好久没在这里写东西了,你知道有多久吗? 一年了!有些事,未必说了你们会懂。说出来是为了让自己好过一些。在爱情里,不是努力就有用的,但不努力就绝对不行。到底要怎样才能衡量彼此的付出与努力够不够?累了就要歇息,爱情能吗?一段感情需要时间,耐心,和体谅与包容来维持。难道就没有人会想喊累,想要暂停一会儿?还是跟本就没选择的权力?
Thursday, July 09, 2009

[S for smart, S for stupid, S for.... Shuying]
Sometimes i just can't stand my own stupidity. Nearly stepped out of lecture halfway during math lec... already wasn't in the mood to concentrate, and the lecturer was speeding up his explanation on solving the sum. Got so frustrating when i can't finish copying his working and he just remove the paper from the visualiser. =.= Then I began to show my unwillingness to stay, packed up... ready to go... but gab gave me this week's "i weekly" magazine to entertain myself...

i hated math really... but i find it easier to practice, than to memorise. Therefore i left with no choice but mathematical subjects. If not, i would have chosen sociology. And what most, its compulsory to take math.

Mee hoon kuay has become my favourite in SIM food court. Not too sure how other stalls food taste like. It doesn't look at all appetising to me.
Thanks jane for helping me to go to the printing shop to print and after that collect for me my notes. =)
Met up with vince today... usual place... it felt nice... he matured... and i'm happy for him for sure.
I've learnt to accept the fact every human will change after sometime. And the choice is mine, whether or not i wanna befriend with somebody. Thus, it proves the saying of 'friends come and go'... coz everyone has a choice to make. I have friends whom become so fuck up that i dun even bother to say hi. I also have befriend with those whom i have used to dislike. I woke up from the "friends forever" stage and have moved on to see more of this practical world. =)
Monday, June 29, 2009

School has started for a week. So far so good, just that i really have to catch up with my mathematics and english proficiency. Hahas... Gabriel is a good companion, just that at times he really piss me off. But after a few minutes, everything will be okay. I dun deny that he is smart and cute. (Hope he wun be reading this entry, if not he will be even more papaya).
Exploring for good and cheap food has become a hobby. So whenever i dun work after sch, most likely me and gab will be taking train rides all around sg in search for food.
Clementi centre market - wanton mee oishi! The green chilli is super nice, sour and crisp. The char siew has a little bit of fats, so when u chew, you won't only taste the hard lean meat, but the bouncy fat portion as well (doink doink~) LOL... my favourite!
Clarke Quay - Central Mall basement has got many varieties. But the prices are not kind of cheap nor too exp. The muffins from "Muffin Marvel" is worth trying. =)
Chinatown - Chicken rice opposite Chinatown point, near Spring Court restaurant. Gab was praising so much about it, that he da bao 1/2 chicken with 3 packet of rice for only him and his mom for dinner.
Bar bakery @ Hong Lim Park- cheese break is yummiliciousZ! Hot and fresh from oven, the bread is with cheese and raisin fillings in it. Super recommended...
More makan places to come along i guess.. hahas... Gab & I needs to plan for healthier choices liao.. =)
Tuesday, June 23, 2009

everybody is talking about H1N1 now. And suay suay i'm down with contagious flu. Have been watching my temperature very closely, lucky got no fever. Feel like wearing a mask when i'm out, but i can't tolerate the kind of attitude others give me. Imagine u go on board a train, and everyone starts to dismiss themselves away from u. As if u are really some dangerous identity. Their knowledge is so little that most of them din know wearing a mask is to protect them and not the one wearing it. =.= Piss off.....
School started very excitedly and also boringly. How contradicting can i be man! Yea... excited and happy to go back to sch, but i have to take boring train rides, waking up at 6.30am! Yawns~ Lesson at 8.30am really sucks! My whole July is packed... omg.... sigh... BUT, the good thing to celebrate about is that I got into a course which i wished for, bank approval is okay, and I've got a part time job to earn my own allowances. Everything have been in place.. which i'm really glad about. Coz that was my original plan. Take a bank loan, study Economics & Finance, and get a part time job. =)
1st day of school met gabriel at clementi station den we go to sch tgt... Lunched at Clementi central market. The wanton mee was not bad... Den me and gab was talking about budgeting. Wanton mee + drink = Less than $5. That will be our spending for a simple lunch. =)
Yea, Clementi market really have many varieties of food and its cheap and nice! So this is how the both of us are gonna start saving. Haha... Then we talk about staying back in school to study after lecture. Actually i quite like this idea too, but thats only for days which i dun have to work. Sadded... Ultimately, our goal are the same, that is to get good results, pass with flying colors =)
Saturday, June 20, 2009

busy + tired = shag
there are no other words that i can think of right now that can describe me best. Travelling from east to west and back to east has become my daily routine. MP3 has once again become my best buddy. My life now only consist of work and school. Come home check facebook, msn chat a while.. concuss... rejecting friends gathering will become very common le ba.... now my free time has reduce to so little such that i have to carefully plan what should i do during my free time. And currently i have decide to leave my free time for myself. I need to rest so that i wun get sick, i need to study so that i can pass my exams, and i definitely need to spend time with my parents to let them know i cherish and love them. There are so many things that begins with "I".
But out of a month, i get only 2 or 3 days off. I'm starting to worry that i can't make it through my uni... thats why i need to always remind myself to hang on.. and carry on. I really hope my friends can give me their support and understand me if i do not turn up for gatherings or anything. Cya guys =)
Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hahas, please have a good look at the childhood pictures below...
a lot of memories, how i wish i can turn back time. But well, i have to move on.. =)

boy boy look... looking for FOOD!

my favourite pic!! hahas...

i like to be carried whenever i go out... =)

this is at my nanny's house kitchen... i miss her so much... and her 2 sons...
she took care of me since i'm 4 months old.. all the way till 4 yrs old... =)

Dad & me at Mersing Malaysia... Used to travel to M'sia every weekend.... i miss the good old days...

Saturday, June 13, 2009

well, i'm beginning to feel the randomness in me again. Yea, once in a while I will have random thoughts & behaviours.
Yilong just POP, zhi hao ORD, Jacq came back from Italy, Eve quit her lab job, Vicky got a new job, pei shan went for interview, and a lot more updates. People around me seems busy... oh well... I use to had that busy times too... hee =)
Usualness is habitual. Kicking a habit means u will react differently from what u used to react.
I sew my own bedroom curtain, mum got so stunned, coz my sewing skills were actually neat and as good as the sewing machine... (of coz lah... it took me 3 hrs to get it done!) anyway, i'm quite happy with her comments.. hee =)
i taught my mum how to prepare beer battered fish... and she realize how amazing TSY can be.. HAHAHA! she said "wah, my ah girl is really jing de liao chu fang, chu de liao ting tang"
but at the same time, me & my dad is havin communication breakdown... and i choose to remain quiet... i dun wanna explain myself or to him... coz i know the way i release my anger is cry... and he... will raise his voice at me. This kind of situation is making me avoiding him. Worse thing is now i'm always at home.. if i'm still working, i can still stay in office.. or choose to have dinner with frens... sigh....